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Corn, close up, in wheat stubble

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Matt Hagny has a variety of consulting services available:

  • On-site investigations and training (per hour or per day fee schedules)
  • Year-round ‘on-demand’ consultation (by phone, text & email)
  • Full-service (pre-season planning and scheduled scouting of crops)
  • Seminars and field days
  • Other arrangements for both industry and growers

How the hourly consulting arrangement works: You can ask a question on the phone, or by email. I may need additional information to provide advice before giving you a rec, so if you're not fluent on email, arranging a phone call is often best. If you would like me to review soil tests or plant tissue tests, just submit those results to me (Excel, not pdfs please—the lab records the results in Excel before generating the pdf they send you, so spreadsheets are always available upon request from the lab). Before I can consult on your soil tests, I'll need some background information on what you're doing and what you're trying to accomplish. Photos of crop problems are welcome, but they need to be high quality.

Call today for pricing and availability: 316-303-2040

“A farmer gets bombarded with all these things – do this, do that. You’ve been instrumental in giving us a baseline of what to do and when. I’ve sure learned a lot working with you, especially from some of your events like the Seeding School. You’ve contributed admirably to your profession. Thank you for your consults and your patience in bringing us along.”
—Ken Garman, Burr Oak, KS

"We have used Pinnacle's services for many years, initially in 1994. We find the perspective of Matt's consulting to be of value in that he does not represent a retail product line and he has extensive history in low-disturbance no-till. Additionally, Matt usually prioritizes his recommendations by first emphasizing those practices that will return the greatest benefit."
—Kent Stones, Lebanon, KS

"Your consulting advice has been invaluable. It's really given us the edge."  
—Adam Froetschner, Kinsley, KS