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Pinnacle's Crop Health Workshop 2020

Next Workshop: 2020 date TBA

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Mail name, contact info, and check to Pinnacle Crop Tech, PO Box 298, Kechi, KS 67067-0298.

Or call 316-303-2040 to pay by credit card ($7.65 convenience fee added).

Tuition is $200 in advance, or $275 if received after January 28th. Enrollment is limited to 150 people. Noon meal, snacks and beverages provided.




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CIH sprayer
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Questions on how to go about something in no-till?
What to cut and what to spend on?
Chances are your hosts, will have experience and/or research on it.

Piecing together a profitable & truly sustainable no-till cropping system.

We will cover:

• Solid assessments of what to emphasize and what to ignore for crop inputs for no-till.

• The evidence of why we recommend what we do.

• Improving no-till practices over the long-term for your farm — such as cover crops (where appropriate), preserving more mulch, reducing compaction, regaining productivity.

You will walk away with:

• A much better idea of what questions to ask your vendors.

• What to watch out for in your crops.

• Where to adjust your budget for inputs.

• A detailed, full-color booklet of every slide shown – slides are text-heavy, so the booklet conveys a lot all by itself, and is a great set of notes from the event.

• Additional handouts go into much detail on cover crops (broken down by geography), biological additives, enzymes, humic acid other crop-enhancement products (hard data) — so you’ll know which sales pitches to ignore, and which products are worth trying. Ability to become more profitable, have fewer headaches, and better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.•

No sales pitches! Just straight answers from highly regarded agronomists and a soil scientist.
Matt Hagny (Pinnacle) provides key knowledge gleaned from 23 yrs as an independent crop consultant, 99% of it in continuous low-disturbance no-till in KS, Okla, and farther abroad. Hagny is largely credited with bringing no-till to the region, and making it work. Leland Baxa, agronomist for Aurora Co-op and (justifiably) staunch no-till advocate, will share immense experience from his 21 yrs spot-checking fields in northwest KS, s.w. NE, CO, and w. OK. Despite working quite apart from each other, Baxa & Hagny have reached similar conclusions on many topics. John Grove, Ph.D, at U.Ky. brings his immense knowledge of soil properties and chemistry, with most of his research in the past couple decades being in continuous no-till, including looking at crop rotations and crop establishment.

"The best one-day seminar on no-till I have ever attended."
—Bob Morgenstern, longtime no-tiller, multi-year attendee, Hoisington, KS

“I want to thank you for your knowledge and your desire to help us be more profitable.”
—Terry McAlister, multi-year Workshop attendee & client, Electra, TX

"Overall, the panel and information was fabulous. I picked up quite a bit of information that will be useful immediately."
—Lee Jameson, Murray NE