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Matt Hagny, Ray Ward

Matt Hagny and Ray Ward
Matt Hagny (left) and Ray Ward (center) answer questions during a break
at the 2013 Crop Health Workshop


Moly deficiency South Dakota

Moly def NE

Moly deficiency KS

Moly deficiency OK

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:: Workshop DVD::

The January 2013 edition of the Crop Health Workshop had a superb audience of producers, scientists and agronomists from the Dakotas to Texas to Australia. Lots of keen questions were asked, and the session went triple overtime! Matt Hagny revealed the many secondary and micronutrient deficiencies lurking in the region's crops, and discussed the most effective ways of addressing them. Hagny particularly emphasized how visually subtle some of them were, unless you had a side-by-side comparison. Ray Ward provided additional insights on nutrient behavior in no-till soils, as well as supplying his immense practical experience on fertilizers, crop growth, and laboratory testing. The interactive setting allowed attendees to get their most pressing crop nutrition questions resolved, with excellent crowd participation going 'overtime' at the end.
crop health dvd
Now on DVD!
For those who missed out on the session, you can purchase the full 8-hour DVD plus the 48-page full-color booklet for the 288-slide presentation for $200 while supplies last.  (Booklet only is $100.)  The 2013 Workshop has updated information and more detailed explanations on the usual topics, plus audience Q & A with Matt and Ray on topics ranging from compaction prevention, to liming, to grazing impact on cropland.

Watch an excerpt from the DVD:

The booklet contains many photos and descriptions of crop deficiency symptoms, as well as discussion of fertilizer sources, rates, and timing to prevent or alleviate those nutrient shortages.  Also included: Liming and other crop health topics such as herbicide impact, how to favor root growth, etc. Additional printed materials also included: seed vigor testing; table of nutrient mobility in plants; discussion of micronutrient yield responses in Kentucky.

An additional full-color handout (9 pages, 52 slides) is available for $25 and provides an in-depth look at causation and prevention of 'winterkill' of winter wheat (it's definitely not what you think it is—there's usually major biological aspects, including pathogens such as crown rot).

Order yours today by mailing a check to:
Pinnacle Crop Tech Inc, PO Box 298, Kechi, KS 67067-0298

$200 = DVD + Workshop booklet

$225 = DVD + Workshop booklet + Winterkill/Crown Rot

$100 = Workshop booklet only.


Here's an excerpt from the 2012 Workshop booklet:

Crop Health Workshop Booklet

Crop Health Workshop Booklet

Crop Health Workshop pg3

Crop Health Workshop Booklet

Crop Health Workshop Booklet

Crop Health Workshop Booklet pg 6

. . . Page 9:

Crop Health Workshop booklet pg 9

. . . Page 28:

crop health workbook page 28

. . . Page 32:

Crop Health Workshop pg 32

Crop Health Workshop pg 33

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