Pinnacle Crop Technologies, a diversified agricultural consulting business for No-till cropping systems founded by Matt Hagny in 1994. For 25 years, Matt Hagny worked closely with farmers to improve all aspects of their agronomic practices.

Matt passed away August 24, 2019. He was a leader in no-till and will be tremendously missed. His knowledge and expertise immensely impacted many producers worldwide. Learn more about the Matt Hagny No-Till Scholarship Foundation.

Pinnacle’s Crop Health Workshop


  • Questions on how to go about something in no-till?
  • What to cut and what to spend on?

Chances are your hosts, will have experience and/or research on it.

Piecing together a profitable & truly sustainable no-till
cropping system.

What we cover:

  • Solid assessments of what to emphasize and what to ignore for crop inputs for no-till.
  • The evidence of why we recommend what we do.
  • Improving no-till practices over the long-term for your farm, such as cover crops (where appropriate), preserving more mulch, reducing compaction, regaining productivity.

What Pinnacle Clients Are Saying

“We have used Pinnacle’s services for many years, initially in 1994. We find the perspective of Matt’s consulting to be of value in that he does not represent a retail product line and he has extensive history in low-disturbance no-till. Additionally, Matt usually prioritizes his recommendations by first emphasizing those practices that will return the greatest benefit.” Kent Stones

Lebanon, KS

“A farmer gets bombarded with all these
things – do this, do that. You’ve been
instrumental in giving us a baseline of
what to do and when. I’ve sure learned a
lot working with you, especially from
some of your events like the Seeding
School. You’ve contributed admirably to
your profession. Thank you for your
consults and your patience in bringing us along.”

Ken Garman

Burr Oak, KS

“Your consulting advice has been invaluable. It’s really given us the edge.” Adam Froetschner

Kinsley, KS