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Matt Hagny


Pinnacle Crop Technologies is a
diversified agricultural consulting
business for No-till cropping systems
founded by Matt Hagny in 1994.

Matt Hagny hosts
Pinnacle Crop Health Workshop

What Crop Health Workshop attendees are saying:

QUOTE I have been trying to attend every year. Be prepared for a long day and to have your brain on overload at the end. Lots of good information presented. Almost too much.”
—Alan Aufdemberge, Lincoln, KS (multi-year attendee)
QUOTE Very good workshop. Go with an open mind."
—Tom Cannon, Blackwell, OK (multi-year attendee)
QUOTE Thank you for the great meeting! I appreciate your detailed approach to cropping issues."
—Kevin Karr, Emporia, KS (multi-yr attendee)
QUOTE "Very informative & covered the topics that modern no-tillers need covered." —Shane Dockins, Neosho, MO
QUOTE Thanks for a great Crop Workshop again. Maybe I was just ready to hear, but I felt like I picked up a number of ideas that should benefit my business this year. Also, attending your Workshop first, prepared me for No-till on the Plains' conference."
—Kent Stones, Lebanon, KS (multi-year attendee)
QUOTE Your presentation is superb. Looking forward to next year's event!" —Rolland Winter, Hays, KS
QUOTE "Your meeting was excellent. I really appreciate the independent [objective] training—at all these other meetings, everyone has something to sell." —Bruce Williams, Morse Bluff, NE

I’ve been working with no-till for forty years. Still, there is always something to learn. Matt Hagny’s workshop is just the place to do it."
— Alan States, Hays, KS

QUOTE Thanks again for the meeting in Salina and your passion for us to be on the right and healthy track in farming." —Arlynn Aldinger, multi-year attendee
QUOTE I really enjoyed the Workshop. I really liked how you and the other speakers were not afraid to call b.s. on certain 'Foo-Foo juice' products. Most of the seminars I go to, they simply will not do that 'cause they are selling them. Yet, you did point out the ones that had validity and backed it up with university data." —Wayne Frost, Esbon, KS
QUOTE "I was pleased with the conference. There was a nice balance in how much detail you presented. Thanks for the program....I do think that I heard what I needed to hear. Your choice of topics was well fitted for my 2015 needs." —Ron Schaeffer, Menno, SD
QUOTE I enjoyed the conference and it was beneficial to me. Helpful things to me: The reminder that we can always take another step to preserve more residue. The fertilizer discussions were helpful. Excellent conference and I appreciate your advocacy for good stewardship and management." —Scott Arthaud, Keyes, OK
QUOTE I would like to buy your 2014 crop booklet. I found last years excellent! Keep up the good work!" —Roger Neshem, Berthold, ND
QUOTE Very good meeting and I would definitely consider attending again."
—Kevin DeDonder, Reading, KS
QUOTE I want to thank you for your knowledge and your desire to help us be more profitable." — Terry McAlister, 2016, 2014 & 2013 Workshop attendee & client, Electra, TX
QUOTE Overall, the panel and information was fabulous. I picked up quite a bit of information that will be useful immediately.
—Lee Jameson, Murray NE
QUOTE All of the subjects this year [2014] are valuable. I have needed direction on all of them." —Arlynn Aldinger, 2014 & 2013 Workshop attendee & client, longtime no-till, high-yield irrigator, Wilcox, NE
QUOTE This [Jan 2014] was your best Workshop in five years."
— Kent Stones, longtime no-tiller, Lebanon KS
QUOTE The best one-day seminar on no-till I have ever attended."
— Bob Morgenstern, longtime no-tiller, Hoisington, KS
 —Aaron Schindler, Reliance, SD
QUOTE "I sure learned a lot—even more than last year. Although maybe my mind was more open this time around, having been 'primed' a year ago. It was well worth the trip."  —Owen Cairns, Coronach, Sask.
QUOTE I got a lot out of your seminar and always appreciate what you do in thinking 'outside the box." —Mike McClellan, Palco, KS  (multi-year attendee)


QUOTE I enjoyed your seminar very much:  It opened my eyes to problems I have seen in my fields, but didn't know the significance." —Lance Tischhauser, Wilsey, KS
QUOTE "The Workshop was very enjoyable and informative. It answered a lot of questions, but prompted many more. [pause] But that's the whole idea, isn't it?" —Greg Bauer, Hilda, Alberta
QUOTE Excellent! It is wonderful to see so many farmers gathered for an all-day, in-depth look at crop nutrition and plant health….You are correct in all your comments on nutrient cycling in no-till, and how the addition of cover crops will require supplying more micronutrients."
—Ademir Calegari, PhD, cover-crop expert with 33 years of experience with cover crops in no-till, Londrina, Parana, Brazil
QUOTE I commend you on an excellent Workshop and manual. That was one of the best Workshops I have ever attended in terms of exposure to new ideas, problems, and solutions regarding plant nutrition. It was a perfect starting point for me to enter the [January] 2010 No-till on the Plains conference with my eyes wide open, as well as enter the 2010 growing season with some specific goals….Your Workshop was perfectly timed to help me start thinking about 'why' we are observing some of the things we are, as well as provide me with some of the tools necessary to go about assessing and ultimately resolving some of the issues we are now seeing in our no-till rotations. Great job pulling all this stuff together and getting a guy like Ray Ward involved as he is one of the few soil scientists out there focused on fertility management in no-till. Hopefully you will continue to convey such pertinent knowledge to the notill community." —Dietrich Kastens, Herndon, KS
QUOTE Very informative. I sure learned a lot, and I'll be attending another session again soon. As a result of your meeting, we became more intensive with our tissue testing, and we've discovered a lot of deficiencies that we didn't know we had. We can't afford to be losing the top-end potential."  —Tom Rabern, Dakota Air, Huron, SD
QUOTE I learned a lot at the first [Crop Health Workshop] that I attended, but I learned even more the second time I attended.  And I'll definitely be at the next one, in January [of '10]."  —Tom Cannon, Blackwell, OK (multi-year attendee)
QUOTE Well worth the investment…It provoked many thoughts, and was presented in such a way as to make it likely that many of the attendees will go home and make changes in their operations to benefit from this information."  —Kent Stones, Lebanon, KS (multi-year attendee)
QUOTE Very worthwhile. I sure learned a lot."  —Ron Jacques, Hutchinson, KS
QUOTE The Workshop was really worthwhile. I got more out of it than I ever expected. It was very information-packed compared a lot of other meetings." —William Guenther, West Point, Neb.
QUOTE Well worth the money." —Stan Cornelson, Wellington, KS
QUOTE I got more out of an hour at your Workshop than I get out of a whole day at some of these other meetings." —R. Lynn Pitman, Minneola, KS (multi-year attendee)


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